Dear Loyal Fans

Dear Loyal Fans,

As you might’ve noticed (and judging by the stacks of fan mail, countless emails, multiple impassioned pleas, and many, many fruit baskets sent to me, it seems you have*), I haven’t written anything in quite some time. Indeed, it’s been long over a month, and the lack of insight and general telling-it-like-it is has clearly been absent from the internet without fresh posts from Top Drawer**. This has not been well received by my mother and random persons that accidentally stumble upon this blog expansive fan base, and rightfully so. An idle blog is no blog at all, and this is unacceptable.

However, dear readers, I assure you this issue is not being taken lightly, nor is it permanent. This blog is not defunct; it is only undergoing a brief hiatus. As occasionally happens at certain times of the year, I have recently been saddled with the dreaded “busyness,” and have been for the most part preoccupied with prestigious and high-profile matters of the utmost import***. I’m sure you understand.

Many of you have expressed confusion, sadness, and even outrage with these (lack of) developments****. But fear not, loyal fans, for this unplanned intermission will not last much longer. Soon, I will be back on the proverbial horse, churning out blog posts at a head-spinning (monthly, at least) clip, and entertaining the masses. Shit, I might even get to it this week. Or next. Don’t rush me.

Regardless, I appreciate you continued support, and hope to see you back hear for some new material in the near future.

Warmest regards,



* Not intended to be a factual statement.

** Debatable.

*** Working nondescript volleyball matches, drinking socially, and following the weekly exploits of multiple bad football teams.

****One or two people have noticed, I think.

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  1. Emily11-29-2011

    In your last line, you meant to say “your support” but you said “you support.” Also, you used the wrong “here.” Maybe you should have me proofread your next post :) Can’t wait to see what grinds your gears next – the NBA lockout, perhaps?

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