If you are too cool to read, simply don’t like reading, or reading gives you a headache, there is good news today. No matter which of these things ails you, you will find reprieve in knowing that Memoirs of a Gas Station is now available as an audiobook.

This was a lot of fun to make – the narrator is a voice actor named Daniel David Shapiro from Los Angeles. We had dozens of auditions, but Dan’s voice and delivery stood out as the best for the story, and sure enough, he killed it. Check it out and have a quick listen at this link.

The work commute or cross-country road trip just became a lot more enjoyable. Or, at least, less sober.


  1. Mary04-01-2014

    I just finished Memoirs and I loved it. Great book! Loved the feel of it and the characters in it. I would love to know if you ever went back … and did you ever see Debbie or Jimmy Lee again?

    • Sam04-10-2014

      Thanks Mary! I have not yet been back, but I did see Debbie again a few times after Alaska. As for Jimmy Lee? Gone into ether.

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