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If you are too cool to read, simply don’t like reading, or reading gives you a headache, there is good news today. No matter which of these things ails you, you will find reprieve in knowing that Memoirs of a Gas Station is now available as an audiobook. This was a lot of fun to make – the narrator is …

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New York Times

A few weeks back I ran a promo for my first book, Memoirs of a Gas Station. It worked and I sold a bunch of copies, which naturally made me feel happy. I got a good ranking on Amazon and the sales have continued in a more limited fashion. Some new reviews started to flow in, including the adorable one-star …

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The Finals

Well this is fun. A month or two ago, I entered Memoirs of a Gas Station in the “Shirley You Jest!” book awards, a literary contest that highlights the often-overlooked and somewhat offbeat world of humor books (and the authors who write them). Finalists were announced on September 1, and what do you know, the damn thing made the cut. …

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Jim Speaks

Yes, the charismatic co-star of the buddy-cop smash hit  my travelogue Memoirs of a Gas Station finally has a voice. When I asked Jim – my partner in crime boozing and travel during the summer of 2008 – to write a guest post for this blog, half of me expected a scathing rebuttal to my (allegedly) foggy recollections and half-baked opinions published in …

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In celebration of Memoirs of a Gas Station being released in paperback today, I decided it would be a good idea to scrounge up some more old Alaska videos.  What we have here are a few short clips I shot on my Nikon point-and-shoot camera during that fateful summer – some delightfully low-quality amateur wildlife videography! These were all taken …

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If you’ve read any of Memoirs of a Gas Station, you’re almost certainly familiar with Jim, the worldly, strapping young lad that was the catalyst for – and my de facto guide during – the trip to Alaska. Jim is one of my best pals and, in all honesty, a damn saint for allowing me to write and publish so many (mostly …

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Free Stuff

Slide Book

Hey gang, Ever think to yourself, “Man, I enjoy ebooks and humor and gas stations and Alaska – along with humorous ebooks about gas stations in Alaska – but $2.99 is just a little too rich for my blood”? Well, this is your lucky day. Actually lucky two days, because today and tomorrow (June 18 and 19), Memoirs of a …

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Visual Stimulation

Roland Featured Image

Have you read Memoirs of a Gas Station? Are you currently reading it? Is it in your metaphorical “to read” pile? Are you considering reading it, but first trying to get over your deep-rooted psychological aversion to books? If you answered “no” to all of these questions, that’s okay. Seriously, it’s cool. I’m not even mad. I mean, sure, I …

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The Finger

Following the release of my book Memoirs of a Gas Station (*cough cough* $2.99 on Amazon *cough*), I’ve been digging through the media archives for pictures and short videos of the excursion. This is partly for general reminiscence and partly to make sure I haven’t grossly distorted any facts (no comment). In the process I’ve come across some entertaining little …

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Everyone please gather around for a quick announcement in the form of shame-free self-promotion: In case you were wondering, my first book, Memoirs of a Gas Station, has been released as a Kindle e-book. It’s a fun and totally-worth-your-time account of one summer I spent working at a gas station in central Alaska. If you enjoy this blog at all, I …

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