Let’s Migrate

Guys (and gals), I’m bailing on this site. It sucks and the content is outdated. Looking at it reminds me of a cubicle wall. We can do better.

Let us bail together. My new site, The Otter Lodge, is the place you want to be; it will be regularly updated, fun, and have all the good things this site used to have, minus the cubicle wall-ness. Plus, that’s where I’ll post all my announcements and stuff (new book this August. Whoa! What? Yeah! Cool.).

Come join me at the Lodge, and I promise you will not be disappointed. If you’re a SamNeumann.com subscriber, you might want to subscribe to the new site so you keep getting updates, because this guy will be shut down within a month or so. And then you can come over and kick me in the nuts for making you do that again. Fair is fair.

I love you all.


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