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Hey gang,

Ever think to yourself, “Man, I enjoy ebooks and humor and gas stations and Alaska – along with humorous ebooks about gas stations in Alaska – but $2.99 is just a little too rich for my blood”? Well, this is your lucky day. Actually lucky two days, because today and tomorrow (June 18 and 19), Memoirs of a Gas Station will be available FREE on Just follow this link to get a piece.

Download, read, love. Hell, write a review. If you’ve been nervous about diving in, this is your chance – it’s risk-free. You literally have nothing to lose.

Just the fact that you’ve come to this page in the first place assures me that you’re awesome, so I’m confident you’ll do the right thing. Bottoms up!*
*Technically, “bottoms up” doesn’t make sense here. But I’ve decided it can go wherever it wants. It’s a pretty nonthreatening and fun-loving cliche. So bottoms up.


  1. Ryan Mac06-27-2012

    I really enjoyed your book Sam. Best traveling read I’ve come across since devouring all of David Hatcher Childress’s stuff. Good luck to you and happy travels.

  2. s. Robinson06-30-2012

    You did well. I really like your book. I think you did a fine job describing the area and scenery (enjoyed your side comments). I would love to go to Denali and visit the park!

  3. Joe Arieno07-04-2012

    I enjoyed your book. In my opinion, very well written. Have you considered having it made into a movie? I think it would do very well.

  4. Sam07-08-2012

    Thanks so much guys! Glad you enjoyed the book, and you rock for taking the time to comment on the blog about it. Joe, I would LOVE to make it into a movie…if anyone ever goes off the deep end and decides they want to do that, I’d be behind it 100%.

  5. Carine08-22-2012

    All right I missed the free-train here …

    But I’m of the fierce kind ! I’ve bought the paperback version of your book on createspace …
    and now your work will slowly travel to the French Alps… where it will be mostly welcome.
    Just the funny tone of your blog makes me think the frenzy was right !
    I just can’t wait !

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