Casual Thoughts for Today

– Looking back on it, Lou Bega was kind of a whore.

– Has anyone ever used the “hello stranger” line on an actual stranger?

– Facebook has brought us many new things, some good, some bad. But I’m confused about this somewhat recent tongue-sticking-out phenomenon. It’s a very specific type of face made in pictures: two or more people (usually young women) posing for the camera, each sticking their tongue out in the direction of the other person. Sometimes this is accompanied by other facial expressions, such as going cross-eyed. I’ve seen this a lot lately, and it’s always this exact tongue motion – never just a normal straight-out job. What, exactly, is this supposed to be? Clearly there’s a defined motive, because it’s obvious everyone under 27 on Facebook got together and decided this would be the new trend, without telling me. So what are we trying to convey here folks? Is this just a face showing how wild, crazy, and willing to have a good time you are? Is it supposed to be sexual? I mean, I assume with the tongue thing, there’s gotta be some risqué element, right? Are you just trying to make it obvious you’re trying way too hard? Can anyone let me in on this?

– If you are writing something while drunk, and don’t want your readers to know you were drunk when you wrote it, use a semicolon. Tommy Schield taught me that.

That’s all. Enjoy whichever wedding we all decide to obsess over next.

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