A List of Things I Wanted to Tell You

1. I’m releasing a new book soon. It’s called Quitting Cold Stone (And Other Struggles) and is a compilation of essays and commentaries I’ve written over the years. For example, it includes chapters such as:

– The Wonders of Bob Ross
– Why I Am Condescending to the Automated Call System Lady
– What is the DEAL With Airline Travel?
– A Letter to the Guy Who Leaves His Grocery Cart in the Middle of the Parking Lot

Real hard-hitting stuff. It’s currently in editing and should be released in a month or two. And while it does contain some old material from the blog, it also has a boatload of new stuff and will still be cheap as hell. I’ll keep you posted.

2. After watching three or four episodes, I can confirm that Duck Dynasty is not the worst television program I have ever seen. It’s actually not even in the bottom 10. I’d say it ranks at least in the 30th percentile overall.

3. I’ve been on Twitter for a while now, and I enjoy it. I originally thought it was for stupid rubes, but have found that either I was wrong or I am one of these rubes. The best part, in my opinion, is the sheer amount of good comedy found on Twitter; before joining, I vastly underestimated the platform’s capability to be funny. People like Dave Hill, Damien Fahey, and Sammy Rhodes keep me laughing on a daily basis.

4. I’m writing a third book, too. I will not relent. This one’s fiction, and should hopefully be pretty good. We’ll see.

5. Baseball is being played again. I always find it odd how hot and bothered people get for the “return of baseball (!!!)” because it’s only ever gone for like two weeks. Then the next thing you know, pitchers and catchers are reporting and Yankees/Red Sox is on TV every third night. I’m not mad or anything though. America.

6. This is the first post here in nearly two months. That is too long. Now that my schedule is freeing up a little, I’ll try to post more funny stuff on here in the future. No firm commitments, though; I’m not good with committing to things, which you’ll learn in a chapter of Book #2. Hey, cross-promotion!


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