3 artists worth a listen

Crash Kings

Keyboard, bass, and drums – no guitar. While I enjoy the sound of an electric guitar just as much as (and often more than) any white male, I like this concept. Their songs manage to be catchy and memorable without the monotony of a lot of modern pop. Sounds like an alternative band that actually took the time to storyboard their music.

Mountain Man

Eric Hutchinson

I just like this guy – total singer/songwriter type, which I tend to shy away from, but he brings an edge you don’t generally hear from a man singing ballads from behind his piano. It just feels real.

Outside Villanova

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

Easily my favorite band of the last year, probably due to my decision that it is okay for straight men to enjoy listening to female singers. Ironically, Ms. Potter is one of the strongest frontmen (women) I’ve heard in a very long time – killer voice, total commitment to the bit, and more soul than Saturday night at a Chicago blues club. I saw these guys a few months ago in Denver and was blown away by their energy. I’ve always thought live performances are a much better barometer of a bands worth than studio recordings, and they certainly deliver.


  1. TheDudeAbides05-04-2011

    Grace Potter is awesome

  2. Russell06-07-2011

    Yeah i am coming around on Grace Potter, she does not suck.

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